Day 1 | Wednesday Sept. 15 2021 (all times are CEST – Vienna)

from 08:45 am | Online-Check-In

09:00 am | Welcome and Opening

09:15 am | Presentation of the IFSW Europe
Ana Rădulescu, President of IFSW Europe

09:45 am | Keynote Internationalization in Social Work
Bridget Ng’andu, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Kent, United Kingdom

10:45 am | Break

11:00 am | Keynote It’s not dark yet but it’s getting there’: Global crises, resistance and social work
Iain Ferguson, Honorary Professor of Social Work and Social Policy at the University of the West of Scotland and a founding member of the Social Work Action Network

12:00 pm | Keynote The Transformative role of Social Work as an emancipatory profession
Alicia Kirchner, Social Worker and Governor of the Argentine province of Santa Cruz

1:00 pm | Lunch break

1:30 – 2:00 pm | Poster-Session [in German]

Internationale Soziale Arbeit und Auslandsaufenthalte während des Studiums

Hannah Wolter & Markus Sauerwein (Fliedner Fachhochschule Düsseldorf)

Migrant*inn*en im System des österreichischen Maßnahmenvollzug

Kathrin Bereiter & Stefan Kitzberger (FH Oberösterreich, Campus Linz)

Erklär mir die Betriebliche Sozialarbeit in der Schweiz

Janine Winter & Barbara Thalmann (FH St. Pölten)

2:00 – 3:30 pm | Panel- und Workshop-Session 1

Panel 1: Expectations vs. Reality

  • Elena Davydova: Older people (60+) as a special social group in need of help amid the pandemic
  • Veronika Zegzulková: The concept of international social work in the context of undergraduate education at selected universities
  • Sebastian Sierra Barra: Posthumanismus als Anti-Rassismus? Überlegungen zu einem koevolutionären Verständnis in der Sozialen Arbeit
Panel 2: Fighting Causes or Mitigating Symptoms?
  • Hannah Reich: International Social Work Acting in Crisis – attitude matters (AttiMa)
  • S.M. Sajid & Christine Rehklau: Global Response to a global problem: Myth and Reality

15:30 Uhr | Break

15:45 – 17:15 Uhr | Panel- und Workshop-Session 2

Panel 3: International Social Work & Decolonialisation

  • Marelize Joubert & Stephan Geyer: In pursuit of decolonising social work research: a dialogue on Ubuntu among students from South Africa and England
  • Helmut Spitzer: Ubuntu – Afrikanischer Humanismus als Leitmotiv internationaler Sozialer Arbeit? Eine kritische Reflexion
Panel 4: Postcolonial Social Work
  • Petra Daňková &Tanja Kleibl: Social Work education and research in the context of postcolonial perspectives
  • Sandra Holtgreve: Internationalization and decolonization – different means to the same end?
  • Ndangwa Noyoo: After Rhodes Must Fall and Fees Must Fall -What next for decolonising social work in South Africa?

Workshop 2: INPRO – Interprofessionalism in Action – An Interprofessional Teaching Concept for Health Professions in Austria
[in German]

Ursula Hemetek & Alois Huber

19:00 Uhr | Table Talks with representatives of the IFSW Europe

An interactive online gathering and chat concludes our first day. Using you can virtually walk around and meet with representatives from the IFSW Europe, use the opportunity to discuss how a global social work is realized or ubuntu is put into practice and have informal chats with colleagues and others.

Day 2 | Thursday, September 16, 2021

Please note: Day 2 will be in German only!

„We are all in this together“.
What do global challenges mean for social work in Austria?
How is the claim to create social justice for all taken up by organizations and individuals in different fields of action? How should, want and can we further develop the goals of social work in solidarity?

The second day takes up impulses and questions of the previous day and offers space to discuss them with regard to very concrete practice. After a round of talks with representatives of social organizations, an open space offers room for in-depth discussions and the discussion and development of concrete (project) ideas for social work in solidarity.

08:45 am | Check-In

09:00 – 10:30 am | Politisches Selbstverständnis und die konkreten Auswirkungen auf die Praxis
Gesprächsrunde mit Vertreter*innen verschiedener Organisationen 

10:30 – 10:45 am | Break

10:45 am | Kollaborative Bearbeitung

12:15 pm | Gemeinsamer Abschluss

12:30 pm | Veranstaltungsende


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